Ben Carson wins first-ever Georgia 'peanut poll'

ben carson
Despite his controversial and inflammatory statements recently — or perhaps because of his intestinal fortitude to say what many in the electorate feel but are hesitant to utter publicly — Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s popularity continues to soar as we etch deeper into the primary campaign.
Evidence of this can be found in the entrenched, conservative red state of Georgia. During the first-ever Georgia peanut poll concluded Sunday October 18 at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, about two hours southeast of Atlanta, participants chose the retired Johns Hopkins Hospital neurosurgeon as their top choice as candidate for President of the United States.
Carson’s popularity continues to grown even as he makes statements most mainstream political observers and pundits consider incendiary, including his original pronouncement that no Muslim could ever be president of the United States, and that single parent households produce criminals and welfare dependents.
In fact, Carson now gets the support of 22 percent of Republican voters, remaining within the margin of error of his first-place rival, brash billionaire business baron Donald Trump. Trump enjoys support from 25 percent of Republican primary voters, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll (below is the entire list of Republican nominees and their corresponding poll numbers).
The 2016 Committee Chairman John Philip Sousa IV, great-grandson of the famous American band leader has been gathering volunteers, supporters and doing outreach all across the country for more than 2 years to let people know who Dr. Ben Carson is.
Formerly the National Draft Ben Carson Committee, the 2016 Committee continues to spread the word about Dr. Carson, even releasing a new book, Ben Carson: RX for America written by John Philip Sousa IV.
While those results will count, the Peanut Poll is just for fun. In the straw voting thus far, Ben Carson and Donald Trump lead among Republicans, with 5,557 and 5,010 votes, respectively. Naturally, in the red state, the Democratic count is considerably lower, with leading candidate Hillary Clinton was the top preference of fairgoers among Democrats with 1,080 votes, while Bernie Sanders has 555.
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