Real Times Media unveils 'Who's Who in Black Atlanta' and 'Titans of Industry' tour

Real Times Media publisher Hiram Jackson. Real Times owns both Who's Who in Black Atlanta and Atlanta Daily World. Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.
Real Times Media publisher Hiram Jackson. Real Times owns both Who’s Who in Black Atlanta and Atlanta Daily World in the metro market(Photos by Terry Shropshire for Atlanta Daily World and Real Times Media.)

ATLANTA — A multiplicity of entrepreneurs and cultural influencers assembled at the home of preeminent Atlanta attorney Earnest Greer in the ritzy Buckhead region of Atlanta for the Real Times Media unveiling of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta” 2015. It was also fortuitous because the exclusory soiree enables the company to illuminate the “Titans of Industry” national tour.
After dining on delectable cuisine, Real Times Media publisher Hiram Jackson explained why “Who’s Who in Black America” is such an paramount instrument of edification and enlightenment in our community, particularly for the impressionable youth.
“We want to tell great stories of African American people. I wake up everyday and I want to tell great stories about us,” he said. “So often, we are defined by the 6 O’Clock news.
“But that’s not us. We are the people in this room,” Jackson said resolutely, scanning the room of individuals boasting vast portfolios of accomplishment and education who have made history, opened doors for others and, in some cases, altered the course of Atlanta and American history.
“We do our jobs. We play by the rules. We do what people tell us to do. We are always being defined by someone else. So it’s a pleasure to own a company where we make money by telling our stories.
“When Earnest (Greer) graciously decided to be our forward writer for this edition of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta,” I told him he was joining the company of so many successful people who came before him,” Jackson continued. “But it’s not an ego thing about who’s doing well or not or who has money. It’s really about setting an example for our children and our children’s children.
“Our children need to know that if you work hard and you play by the rules, you can be the president of a bank. They need to know that, with hard work, you can be the co-president of a 1,900-employee law firm.”
“They need to know that you can be president of PNC Bank, that you can own 19 to 20 franchises. They can do these things. But who’s going to show them the road map but us?” he said. “We have to stop letting other people define us and let us define us.”
Jackson, while thanking Lorraine Cochran as the publisher of Who’s Who, also proceeded to unveil the beginnings of a national tour on “Titans of Industry” that began in the Real Times Media headquarters of Detroit, and will move onto major metropolises such as Houston, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta and the nation’s Capitol. These evocative and enlightening forums serve as incubators of inspiration for entrepreneurship and inventions in industry and will continue the dialogue about creating, sustaining and expanding wealth.
Real Times Media is the parent company of both “Who’s Who in Atlanta” and Atlanta Daily World and other media properties
“You guys are here so that we can tell successful stories on African Americans,” Jackson added. “We want to honor people who do wonderful things in our community.”
Take a look at some of the photographic highlights of the unveiling of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta,” which will host an official event in December, as well as the “Titans of Industry.”

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