Woman kills boyfriend and burns body in front of her children

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This is evil personified. A New York woman who allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating on her, confronted the man before fatally shooting him and then setting his body on fire as her children watched.
The reprobate, Dawn MacIntosh, 46, of the Queens borough of New York City, and her late boyfriend, Sh-Ron McWhorter, 43, of Brooklyn, were in the midst of a vicious verbal altercation in an ally in Queen about his extracurricular romantic activities outside their relationship.
It was as if McIntosh had her mind made up about his fate, because at one point, she pulled out a handgun and fatally shot the man in the side.
Unable to move his body by herself in order to cover up her heinous crime, she enlisted the help of her two children, a 21-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter, to try to help move McWorter’s body, the New York Daily News reports.
Unable to move the dead weight, McIntosh decided to light his body on fire in front of her kids.
Someone called 911 because firefighters were dispatched to the scene and extinguished the fire. The mother was called in and, initially, denied having seen him or having anything to do with McWhorter’s death.
But one NYPD detective noticed that the woman had nine fingernails. They went back and found a fingernail on McWhorter’s body.
After being confronted with that bit of news, that she has a missing fingernail and a fingernail was found on her boyfriend’s body, McIntosh finally admitted the crime.
The mom was charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence. Her son, Donte Watkins, has been charged with tampering with evidence.


Photo: ABC7NY

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