Cumulus Media uses bogus test to discriminate against blacks

black-woman-watching-televisionCumulus Media, Inc., Cumulus Broadcasting LLC. dba Super Talk 99.7 WTN and 104.5 The Zone WGFX-FM on Tuesday August 18th was issued a Charge Of Discrimination by Alvin Augustus Jones with the Tennessee Human Rights Commission and EEOC. A similar charged was issued at the FCC on Friday August 21st.
Alvin feels that “a publicly traded company should not be allowed to use public assets if it is unwilling to give equal opportunity to the entire public. This potential barrier of entry is unacceptable.”
This is a love story.
Alvin is attempting to move here from Washington, D.C. to join his girlfriend who is an executive with a major health corporation. The plan was to get a job, get married and a new start in Middle Tennessee.
Cumulus ended this happy ever after.
Alvin contacted Cumulus regarding employment on or about May 1, 2015.  During the hiring process he completed successfully the interviews and tests. At no time was there ever any indication that he was not going to be selected for employment. On or about July 20, he completed what was to be the final test for employment he thought would be conducted by Cumulus of Atlanta. He did receive a call from Atlanta. It was from Christi Cool, a Talent Analyst (who BTW studying trends in skin and beauty care) probably from her home. A red flag was raised when she stated that the recorded structured test that is opened to her interpretation would be private and the interview and results would not be given to Cumulus or him. Apparently, Cumulus had given the final say to hiring to a third party who has not demonstrated any LMA on record with the FCC or expertise in EEO policy.
Based on FCC 73.2080 Equal Employment Opportunities Cumulus appears to not comply or inhere to the spirit and letter of the following tenet.
(vii) Avoid the use of selection techniques or tests that have the effect of discriminating against any person based on race, national origin, color, religion, or sex.
Alvin first talk show radio sales job was with Cumulus’ WMA in Washington, D.C.  And even though Alvin has the following proven skill sets i.e. B.A. in Broadcast Journalism & M.A. in Broadcast Operations & Management from The American University, business certifications from Harvard, Stanford, & UCLA,  Emmy nomination, network television CEO experience, radio station ownership, sales management, sales training certificates, account executive experience and other notable achievement over the last 45 years, he was told on or about July 23 that he was not qualified for an entry level position. In addition even though he currently has as a sales and content arrangement with CBS Radio in Washington, he will not be able to join the predominately white male programming and sales staff of Super Talk 99.7.  According to the station’s website none of the said employees have undergrad or graduate degrees in Broadcast Journalism, Operations & Management.
Despite many attempts via emails and telephone to get results from the test, to request information on the appeal process, etc., he has not received the courtesy of a response. Alvin believes that he was discriminated because of his race-Black, in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended. Alvin also believes he was discriminated against because of his age-59 in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended.
Alvin’s offer to purchase airtime as an advertiser was not action upon by Cumulus as well.
Alvin through this and other legal remedies to come wants:
An honest conversation about race and age discrimination
A full disclosure and transparency from Cumulus about EEO matters
And if found guilty, Cumulus should be required to divest of all FCC licenses that use this test to defraud others from achieving the American Dream.
Alvin is starting a major legal defense fund under the supervision of certified public accounting firm of Mike Diener & Associates to fight Cumulus in each of its markets around the country and fully understands that this battle will be very long and protracted. Attorney John P. McGeehan will be the lead attorney over the array of employment, civil rights, FCC, security etc., national law firms. A class action suit is being developed to help others who were given such a test and failed. Legal actions will be taken in all government arenas that oversee Cumulus.
To hear test or for more details, Alvin can be reached at

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