College Freshman: relax to adjust to college life

How hard will the classes be? Will the workload be too much? Will I adjust well to a new envicollege freshmanronment? Will I make friends? Am I smart enough? These are just a few of the thoughts that go through high schoolers’ minds before they transition into college.
Transitioning is defined as the process or period of changing from one state or condition to an- other. As we teenyboppers tran- sition from high school to college we are overwhelmed with worries. However, it’s very important for students going into their first year of college to remember to relax.
Yes, transitioning into college from high school can be worrisome but anxiety has never helped anyone. The first thing in- coming college freshman should do is relax. Secondly, they should talk to their advisor about the difficulty level of the classes they chose to take prior to the first day of class. Incoming college fresh- man should also be aware that the workload will be heavier than the one they had in high school; however they will have more time to complete the work given to them as college freshman.

When it comes to adjusting to a new environment you have to be ready to miss home. While in college you will probably at some point in time feel home- sick, especially if you are going to school in a different state, and that’s ok. However it’s crucial to not let your aching for home hin

der how you adapt to your new school. Don’t be so homesick that you reject your new home. The same rules apply to making new friends.
It is also natural to miss your friends as you all part ways, but don’t let this stop you from forming connections with new
people. During the first semester as college freshman it’s very important that students step out of their shell. Join clubs. Go out of your way to meet someone new everyday. Try to initiate a conversation with their lab partner or roommate. It is very easy to make friends your freshman year, because everyone is in the same boat—everyone needs and or wants to make new friends.
As you encounter new people, it may seem as if you can’t stop comparing yourself to them. You may think, “Wow, they always get A’s on their paper and I always get B’s they must be smarter than me” or “ The teach- er always smiles at them they must be more likeable than me.” Comparing yourself to others will never make you feel better about yourself and neither will doubting your intelligence. In college you’ll be exposed to things and mate- rial you’ve never been exposed to before. It’s important that you give yourself enough time to ad- just whether than doubting your level of intelligence right off the bat. You got into to college so clearly you possess some form of intelligence. Never doubt your ability to compete intelligence wise with someone else or else you’ve already lost.
Transitioning into your first year of college is nerve racking— and it should be. You are making a major life decision, which is exciting. Remember that is very common to be nervous and to have worries before going into your first year of college. Just breathe it will all work out.

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