Omarosa defends Donald Trump, slams Megan Kelly

omarosa-trumpDonald Trump’s beef with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly just got a little more interesting as the business mogul has an ally in his former “Celebrity Apprentice” competitor Omarosa Manigault,
Weighing in on Kelly’s exchange with Trump during last week’s GOP debate, Omarosa defended the presidential hopeful on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday (08-09-15) During the debate, Kelly questioned Trump on past comments he’s made on women who opposed him.
Trump,  who currently sits atop the polls among his fellow Republican contenders, has come under fire for comments made to Kelly that have come across to many as sexist toward women.
“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump said Friday (Aug. 7) when asked about Kelly after the debate.
Omarosa appeared on CNN alongside fellow reality TV veteran  Katrina Campins as she slammed Kelly with labeling her question to Trump as “equivalent to going through somebody’s trash and cherry-picking,” as well as “the lowest form of journalism.”
Regarding Trump’s record on women’s issues, Omarosa stood by the business mogul while commenting that Kelly made things “really, really personal” with clearly having a bone to pick with him.
Campins later chimed in, telling host Brian Stelter that it was unfair to attack Trump for what he’s said about other women. In her eyes, the attacks have no merit because Trump made his comments back when “he was an entertainer.”
To see Omarosa and Campins’ interview, check out the following video, via CNN at

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