Atlanta Public Schools install more bus stop-arm cameras

School districts throughout the Atlanta metro area are determined to crack down on drivers who defiantly drive past stopped school buses, despite the obvious dangers.
Atlanta Public Schools officials report that they’ve installed a technology called CrossingGuard, which uses a camera to capture the license plates of vehicles that fail to stop when students are getting on and off the bus.
Starting this school year, violators will be caught on video and a snapshot of their license plates will be sent to law enforcement.
According to APS, about 24,000 students ride the system’s school buses every day. However, the cameras will be used on routes known to have a high number of bus stop arm incidents.
Here is how it will work, according to APS and law enforcement:

  • If you’re caught violating the law within the first 30 days, Atlanta police will give you a warning.
  • After the first warning, the violation will set you back $300.
  • If you get caught a second time, the fine will increase to $750.
  • A third strike within five years, you can expect a $1,000 fine.

APS students returned to school on Aug. 5.

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