Atlanta murders, rapes and robberies dropped in June

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The instances of violent crime in Atlanta — rapes, robberies, burglaries and homicides — actually dropped from May to June, according to local crime statistics obtained by the media.
According to the report, burglaries are actually down 11 percent, sharply going against the national trend that normally sees burglaries increase during the summer months.
The local crime stats, obtained by the AJC, shows this:
• 388 reported burglaries in June, compared to 429 reported burglaries in May — a 10.57 percent drop.
• five reported homicides in June, compared to 11 in May — a 54.5 percent drop.
• fourteen reported rapes in June, compared to 18 in May — a 28.57 percent drop.
• There were 174 reported robberies in June, compared to 193 in May — a 10.92 percent drop.
All news was not good news, AJC states.
Reported aggravated assaults, automobile thefts and larcenies in Atlanta increased from from May to last month.
• There were 253 reported aggravated assaults in June, compared to 218 in May — a 16.06 percent increase.
• There were 457 reported auto thefts in June, compared to 415 in May — a 10.12 percent increase.
• There were 1,496 reported larcenies in June, compared to 1,472 in May — a 1.63 percent increase.
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