Fantasia lets wedding date slip out on Instagram

kendall-taylor-and-fantasia-barrinoLooks like Fantasia Barrino has let the cat out of the bag regarding the day she and her boyfriend Kendall Taylor will tie the knot. reports the singer has revealed that she and Taylor will get married this weekend. The revelation came courtesy of social media as Barrino posted the following caption on Instagram to go with a photo of her after working out:
tasiaswordI know @sosonya15 BOUT TO KILL me today for my Big Wedding Day on SATURDAY OMG!!! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN FOR ME… Im going to stay Tight and Right for him.. Mr. Taylor.. You guys I’m so happy and excited…
Barrino’s reveal comes after news surfaced last fall about an announcement pertaining to Barrino being engaged to Taylor. The JasmineBrand notes the couple’s PDA on social media, in addition to the entertainer calling Taylor her “husband” over the past year. Despite this, the site mentioned conflicting reports that challenge the marriage theory as they say either Barrino and Taylor have already officially married or they are or are not just having a ceremony, or not.
Adding to the situation is allusions Barrino made earlier this week that the couple may not be officially married yet. Check out the following post the vocalist put out that alerted her followers to why her online boutique was being put on hold:
Greetings to All my loyal and Loving Rock Soul fans. Many have asked about the RS BOUTIQUE and when will things be back up and running. I made a decision to pause because I wanted to take some time to just be a woman, a wife, and a mother. This wedding is a dream come true for me. So once the wedding is complete, and I’ve had time to enjoy the privacy of this moment, I will do all I possibly can to bring you stylish, classy, refreshing and unique pieces that you will love and that you deserve working with High Fashion Designers PRAYING to work for @shunmelson to come join me..
Barrino’s up and down relationship with Taylor seemingly took a hit last week when she confessed that although they split, they have since reconciled. Here what Barrino had to say about it on Instagram:
Life is So Funny… Do they even know why we are still laughing? Does it even matter? Yet we are Called to continue loving those that hate us. Pushing us Spiritually beyond our own limitations. This song in our hearts remains high above gossip of those who couldn’t walk a mile in our shoes. No one lied. No one cheated. No one broke a single vow. What we learned was to keep those who aren’t for us out of our marriage. As our love grows stronger, our circle grows smaller. So we continue to sing and laugh at those who tried to come between what God alone brought together. Yes we Sing! Even though my Husband is a little out of tune! Lol”#TaylorMade.”
See Barrino’s wedding announcement below via Instagram:


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