Apple is removing app store games that show the confederate flag

appThe U.S. is currently reevaluating its ties to the Confederate Flag. The flag is symbolic of the South’s racist environment and attempt to withdraw from the United States during Civil War. Several politicians including Mitt Romney and President Obama have called for its removal from public locations and many retailers have decided to cease sales of the flags.
Now it appears apple is following suit by removing games from the app store that are set during the civil war and display the Confederate Flag. Walmart and Amazon have both taken action and restricted the sale of confederate flag merchandise.
Apple is known for taking swift direct action and not beating around the bush. Games such as Ultimate General: Gettysburg and all the Hunted Cow Civil War games are now nowhere to be found.
Since the games were ostensibly no longer listed in the iOS App Store, Polygon did a search for “civil war games iOS” on Google, and attempted to buy many of the games listed, only to find that they weren’t available on the U.S. store. While we were able to find a few games set during the Civil War in the App Store, some of which showed the Confederate Flag, large amounts of games seem to be missing. At least one developer has claimed the flag is why their game was removed.

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