Chicago City Council Black Caucus Gets New Chairman

Aldreman Roderick Sawyer 6th Ward Chair of Coity Council Black Caucus
Aldreman Roderick Sawyer 6th Ward Chair of Coity Council Black Caucus


Alderman Sawyer of the 6th ward,  is  the New Chairman

of the City Council Black Caucus


Sixth Ward Alderman Roderick Sawyer’s known for his tough talk and standing up for what he thinks is right and good for his ward is no longer a rookie. The February election proved his merit as his constituency voted him back into office while many others had to face a run off election.

As the newly elected Black Caucus Chairman Sawyer said his primary goals  are to increase the percentages of African-American contractors doing business with City government, to improve community-police relations, and to ensure fair access to high-quality public schools in every neighborhood.

Also consider that this past Monday Rahm Emanuel and the other elected city officials in addition to the city council had been inaugurated. So Sawyer noted, “I’m definitely looking for the many changes and realignments on the city council now that everyone is officially in office.”

We’re looking forward to the much-to-come from this young politician who grew up witnessing politics at work under the tutelage of his late father Eugene Sawyer who won the aldermanic seat  in the 6th ward in 1971 and went on to serve as Chicago’s elected acting mayor by City Council December 2, 1987 pending a special election. Sawyer served as 53rd mayor of Chicago. He was also successful business man. The backbone for both politics and business is about the management of what is good for the people or good for the company given the tools one  has to work with, something Roderick Sawyer has learned well.

Alderman Roderick Sawyer embrace’s his mentor’s work ethic and  is setting an example of  leadership at its best. His stand-up for what is right and good has gone a long way. He has demonstrated that he’s no puppet politician. If he agrees with what’s on the table then he supports it but if not he will vote  against proposed budgets, legislature and policies that do not stand to serve or benefit  his people.

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