Kenya Moore the fraud exposed; James Freeman's wife says Kenya knew he was taken

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore has lied about yet another relationship. Moore knew that the man she claimed she was engaged to was involved with another woman when she met him, his wife is now charging.
Kenya Moore faked her engagement “Millionaire Matchmaker” and used the experience as a publicity stunt, James Freeman’s wife told
When Moore appeared on an episode of Patti Stanger’s Bravo show, she met and supposedly dated Freeman, later telling her fans on Instagram that she was in love. On May 1, Moore posted an Instagram photo of an engagement ring reportedly given to her by Freeman, a Los Angeles based commercial real estate agent.
Moore’s fraudulent claims were exposed when, a week after the episode aired, Freeman married a woman named Jaimi Gregory. She said she was shocked to learn that Moore was claiming to be engaged to her husband.
“James was on Millionaire Matchmaker in September [2014] and I met him in December. We met on and three months later we were engaged,” she told the popular entertainment blog. “Then on Good Friday, April 3, 2015 we got married. We just knew right away that we were in love.”
Gregory said her husband “totally forgot he even did the show and so when the commercials started airing he told me all about it.”
“He said he went on two or three dates after the show aired with Kenya,” she claimed. “He told me they just kissed and nothing else. He said she just wasn’t the right person for her, but he wished her the best.”
Gregory said that, in last two weeks, Moore started reaching out to her husband again. “Kenya wrote to him saying that they should celebrate since their ratings were so high,” she said. “But he told her that he had met someone and fell in love so it wasn’t appropriate for him to talk with her anymore.”
The RHOA star was apparently not happy with his response and sent him a “mean” response, according to his wife.
“Kenya wrote to him and told him that he hurt her brand. Of course he didn’t respond to her. But a little more than a week ago she reached out again and told him she needed a favor. When he asked what it was she told him she needed to talk to him in person,” Gregory claimed. “He didn’t want to do that so he didn’t respond.”
Moore ignored his married status and wrote to him again, but “he told her he was seeing somebody. She knew he was seeing somebody. She was not respecting him anymore.”
She said she was shocked when she heard that Moore posted an engagement ring picture and then claimed she didn’t know that Freeman was in a relationship with another woman.
“It doesn’t feel good to be put in this position. James was very clear with his boundaries,” Gregory claimed. “She wasn’t respecting him. This was obviously a publicity stunt. I know it was.”
Moore’s camp did not respond to a request for comment, but Moore said on Twitter that she was “devastated” by what she insisted was a surprise revelation.
Turns out that she knew all along and wanted to keep up the charade in order camouflage the fact that she defrauded the public once again.
Check out what one of Moore’s co-stars had to say about her lies.

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