Willie Wilson Throws Hat In the Ring to Bid for President


Willie Wilson announced that he's running for President.
Willie Wilson announced that he’s running for President.

Eleven weeks after making a great showing in the run for Chicago mayor, Willie Wilson, a multi-millionaire businessman  announced his bid for the top job in America at the White House. He has filed papers to form an exploratory committee to run for President.
“Why should I sit on the sidelines when this country, America’s been so good to me and I can afford to get out there and help,” Wilson said.
Wilson, who has never held public office, finished third in the first round vote for mayor. He says leading a successful worldwide medical supply company proves he can run the government and deal with those on foreign land.
“People are people wherever they are. We want the same things, ” said Wilson
Wilson is very aware of his critics, he’s heard it all before but he is not deterred and unconcerned with such criticism. In fact, the criticism fuels his fire and  fires him up. He loves a good fight to prove others wrong.
Wilson is definitely a different type from the usual who run for office. He’s more philanthropic than he is political.  He  continues his stance from the mayoral race, ” It doesn’t matter what people say about me,” Wilson said, “As long as I know I’m giving and trying to help others.”
Amongst the Black church community across the nation Wilson already has some modicum of  national name recognition which he owes to his syndicated gospel music show airing in all 50 states. He says he’ll leave the city this spring to begin his campaign. Wilson has a plan to  focus on early primary states and the South, where  he picked cotton before leaving Louisiana to seek a better life for he and his parents. He now lives the life he dreamed and has a residence on the north side in a lakefront penthouse.
He should not be written off because he will speak directly to the people who have been forgotten in most political races. He will appeal to those who are so low that they have no hope, no vision of a better quality of life and then there he will stand live and in living color, one of them who came from the dirt roads and the cotton field as a share cropper reviving hope in a way that Obama didn’t because he was not of the same experience. Wilson will
resonate with the poor, the dreamers, the ambitious and the determined.
Wilson said, “I’m serious about it. If I get into it, I’m in it to win. And I’ll win because the heart says I’m trying to do what’s right.”
He distinguished himself from Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton who is the party’s pick. Wilson says that his strength is not that he is  running as a Democrat, but rather that he  represents the people as opposed to the party. While his mayoral campaign was self-financed, Wilson says this time he will ask for donations via a website that will be up and running by the end of this week.


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