Reactions to Tom Brady's 4-game suspension, $1 million fine for Patriots

The National Football leagued lowered the boom upon the heads of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their role in “DeflateGate,” the process of deflating football below league-mandated levels.
Brady, the four-time-winning Super Bowl champ and undisputed first-ballot Hall of Fame candidate when he retires, has been suspended for four games for being “generally” aware that the balls were deflated prior to the star of the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in January. This is according to the inflammatory information contained in the Wells report delivered to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
The Patriots were levied a fine of $1 million and will lose two upcoming draft picks, a first rounder in the 2016 draft and a fourth-rounder in the subsequent year’s draft.
Goodell effectively bashed in the sensibilities of all football fans in New England. The rest of the country, however, are feasting on the Patriots misfortune and posted their hilarious reactions to social media.
Take a look at some of the wittiest and most innovative memes of Brady thus far.

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