Another 'Walking Dead' star freaks out, gets arrested near Atlanta

seth 2
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – The ‘Walking Dead’ television show is an official cultural phenomenon and one of prime time’s most popular juggernauts. But the show must be taking a toll on some of its stars.
Seth Gilliam, who ironically plays a priest on “The Walking Dead,” was popped by police for treating the speed limit as if it were something optional, torpedoing down the highway in the triple digits.
But once Peachtree City Police Department got ahold of Gilliam early Sunday morning after officers say they clocked him at 107 mp, officers detected the odor of alcohol, and that secured his reservation at the Fayetteville County Jail.
According to, officers asked Gilliam if he’d been drinking and he admitted to tossing back three beers and a shot of some liquid fire.
Cops say Gilliam blew a .107 blood alcohol level. According to the police report, the arresting officer also discovered a joint in a cigarette box, hidden in the arm rest.
Marijuana is now legal in Georgia, but only for medicinal purposes and it’s a short list of medical conditions at that.
He was arrested and released after posting a $9,818 bond.
Seth’s arrest came comes only days after his ‘Wire’ and ‘Walking’ co-star Chad L. Coleman, whose character is popular on the “Walking Dead,” went haywire on a New York subway train when someone allegedly spit out the N-word in Coleman’s direction.
Makes you wonder what’s going on at the set of “Walking Dead.”


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