Rand Paul blames Baltimore riots on 'lack of fathers'

rand-paul-hed-2013Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) took advantage of his platform to bash Baltimore on Tuesday, telling a radio show host that he is ardently pro-police and blames the rioting and looting on a lack of morals in America.
“I came through the train on Baltimore (sic) last night, I’m glad the train didn’t stop,” he said while laughing during an interview with conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, according to “Talking Points Memo.”
Disgusted by what he termed “thuggery and thievery” in the streets of Baltimore, Paul told Ingraham that talking about “root causes” was not appropriate in the middle of a riot.
“The police have to do what they have to do, and I am very sympathetic to the plight of the police in this,” he said.
Paul has his own theories as to what the root cause of the riots are.
“There are so many things we can talk about,” the senator said, “the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of fathers, the lack of a moral code in our society.”
He added that “this isn’t just a racial thing.”
Paul claims he is an advocate of criminal justice reform, but you probably can’t tell from what he articulated on that radio show. However, the senator did say that he wants justice to come out of the investigation of the case of Freddie Gray, a black man who died of a spinal injury while in the custody of Baltimore police, which, of course, prompted the riots he condemned.
What do you think of Rand’s rant?

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