She filed for a restraining order and accused of being a serial cheater back in November then followed by filing for divorce, according to Bossip.
A source revealed more about how nasty Douglas was to Smith. Allegedly, he was abusive, unfaithful, stole money from her and demanded ongoing sex.
From Bossip:

“He was acting a monkey fool, spending Tasha’s money like it was his –buying thousands dollars worth of shoes on shopping sprees at one time.”
“Sometimes she would have three and four scripts that she had to memorize in 24 hours. It was distracting and exhausting.”
“So in order to have peace and quiet and rest, she would surrender to his demands, which included repetitious scheduled sex on demand, meal preparations, just plain old Neanderthal ridiculous behavior.”
“He would rehearse passages from the bible and preach these so called Christian gospel, but in the meanwhile he would make a deal and accept let’s say $10,000 for a personal appearance for Tasha and then turn around and tell her it was a deal for three thousand dollars. He had a so called assistant, her name was Andrea Wilson, and they had a joint bank account, and would embezzle so much money from Tasha.”

Bossip also reports the source also says that Smith finally figured out something wasn’t kosher when she looked at Douglas’ mobile.
“One day Tasha picked up his phone to answer an urgent text and the text came through from Andrea Wilson with a photograph of her vagina and may I add the ugliest vagina I ever saw, followed later by photos of her in her lingerie get ups talking about ‘Baby, I am waiting for you!’”