'Empire's' original cast?

The Fox network’s barn-burner “Empire” has been experiencing an unprecedented run with seven consecutive weeks of increased ratings, something that has never happened in the history of the all-powerful Nielsen Ratings.
What is also perhaps unprecedented is the public discussions and rumors about the original cast members, including who was going to play which role, which is ultimately a testament to the cultural influence and power that “Empire” wields today.
Another sign of “Empire’s” explosive popularity? Every other day there is a story or controversy surrounding the show — whether it’s 50 Cents hating on the show as a rip off of his cable series “Power,” to Taraji P. Henson’s witty retort to Curtis Jackson, to Mo’Nique’s claim that she was offered the role of Cookie first, to Lee Daniels saying she was “blackballed,” to Daniel’s co-creator saying that Mo’Nique was never going to get that role.
And now, word has circulated that the original casting ideas of the show look nothing like it does today.
Who was going to play the role of Lucious, now occupied by Terrence Howard, as well as his son? Flip the page to check it out.


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