Keyshia Cole and Booby Gibson have vicious fight on social media

The Gibson-Cole household during much better times.
The Gibson-Cole household during much better times.

Reconciliation has pretty much circled the drain in the Booby Gibson-Keyshia Cole fractured household.
It appears that deep levels of anger and resentment, that simmered and boiled just beneath the surface of this attractive couple’s once happy union, has now exploded through with volcanic ferocity and spilled hot lava-like emotions all over social media.
Worse yet, the public is witnessing the shards of their broken marriage spread all over the sidewalk.
The “Heaven Sent” singer accuses her former NBA star husband of missing their 5-year-old son’s birthday and took her case to cyberspace to put him on full furnace blast, for all to see, much to the chagrin of the former Cleveland Cavaliers sharpshooter.
This is what Cole said to initiate the fracas:
This is what your doing while your baby turns 5 tho? And hasn’t even gotten a call from his father, I love you!? Or say HappyBDay! #ALLIN #What? #TheNextBitchPuss ? #JustWhenITriedToGiveUCredit #Smh #KeepMovingAroundTho
Once Gibson got a whiff of what Cole was spitting over the airwaves, he wasted no time firing back with his own artillery, calling her a disgruntled woman and a delinquent mother with a hair-trigger temper:
I’ll only say this. I ain’t with all this messy shyt. This is not the place for any of this but I won’t be quiet and sit back when you decide to involve an innocent child you force my hand. Make people think I’m a hoe, cool, let people think your perfect.. I don’t care, but it takes a sick person to involve a child when they know what I do for him. For attention? Ratings? I FaceTime’d with my son yesterday through his grandmother because I did not want to speak to his mother. & he said “I WANT TO BE WITH YOU because my mom been sleep all day!” Social Media is not the place for any of this. You know Daniel Jr. Is my everything. Who was he with when you went to jail behind fighting over another man? You cried on my shoulder? I went to court with you? Who taught him his ABC’s? Who flew 5hrs and drove 4 hours to bring him to you so he could bring in the New Year with his mother!! Who wakes up every morning & plays his game with him. Don’t bring my son into your bullshyt! A terrible father is one thing I am not. & that video was from the night of MY BIRTHDAY not his. I hope this works for you & all your using it for. I’m Done. Crucify me but leave my son out your shyt!
Those were some foul-tasting words that Cole could not digest, so of course she spit them back up and all over Instagram:
Take a look at what she had to say next:


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