Beyonce fans blast Beck over his 'Album of the Year' win at Grammys

Beyonce fans are hot — and they are unloading their frustration on Beck.
Beck won the “Album of the Year” award over Beyonce at the 2015 Grammy Awards, and the next day the notorious “BeyHive” on Twitter and other social media platforms began hating on Beck with t-shirts and petitions. They even went so far as to take to iTunes to vent their anger.
Intensifying Beyonce fan’s miff is the fact that Beck’s album sales soared on Monday following his win at the Grammys. In retaliation for what they thought was an injustice, BeyHive Nation wrote a bevy of negative reviews on Beck’s album.
“Beyonce deserved the AOTY


award. How could she ever remake that album?” wrote one fan.
The BeyHive is ruthless.

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