Fulton County Cooperative offers tips to reduce debt

Fulton County Commissioner Dr. John Eaves
Fulton County Commissioner Dr. John Eaves

Mounting debt translates into most of your income being appropriated to reconciling your debt payments as opposed to using discretionary income going towards current purchases and saving for future needs. The Fulton County Cooperative Extension encourages residents to consider the financial guidance of experts from the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension as they plan to tackle debt.
According to the county agency, the mission of the Fulton County Cooperative Extension Service is “to respond to citizens’ needs and interest in agriculture and natural resources, families, 4-H and youth through education and information.”
The on-line information illuminates the difference between good and bad uses for credit. When credit is used wisely, it becomes a valuable tool to help you reach other goals. You will also learn that not all credit is the same and that the most important considerations regarding credit are the repayment terms.
Visit https://extension.uga.edu/family/finances/ for financial publications. Contact Fulton County Cooperative Extension at 404.332.2400 for more information about their programs.
A list of upcoming grant workshop dates and locations can be found at https://www.amsta.net. More workshops will be added soon, and the state representatives listed on the website can be contacted for additional information about upcoming workshops. Some of the workshop sessions will be recorded and available for online viewing for those not able to attend in person.

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