Atlanta: Beware of Random Sucker Puncher, Police Say

Police warn citizens and workers in Midtown Atlanta of a man they say is committing the crime of randomly walking up to people and punching them in the face.
Detectives have nicknamed the culprit the ,”Midtown Puncher” for his proclivity to just haul off and punch strangers, without provocation, with his fist in a half-dozen attacks. The latest happened in the north central part of the city, says Midtown Blue Public Safety Director Chris Leighty.
John Martínez said he and a coworker were walking along Crescent Avenue on January 5th when a man walking in the opposite direction punched his colleague out of nowhere.
“There was absolutely no warning. I just heard a loud pop and he hit the ground. It was hard and fast, ” Martinez said told the station FOX5 News.
According to the station, the victim of the out-of-nowhere sucker punch, Peter Lacey-Bordeaux, was rushed to Grady Hospital for blurred vision and observation. There was no life threatening injuries incurred.

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