Most Brutal Responses to CNN's #AskACop Hashtag

We don’t believe this is going to help glue back the shards of the¬†fractured relationship between local law enforcement and the minority communities they are charged to protect and serve.
CNN and Don Lemon had the imprudent audacity to solicit questions through the hashtag #AskACop during the CNN town hall meeting “Under Fire,” which backfired with scathing, scorching responses against cops almost immediately after it was posted.
The #AskACop (Ask a Cop) hashtag not only went viral but trended #1 in the United States and other countries.
Some examples included: “do you think dogs would make better cops, i mean they are color blind…” and “so, do you beat your wife and/or kids before or after you murder an unarmed citizen? just wonderin'”
In the smoldering aftermath of the deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner, distrust and animosity toward police is running at an all-time high among certain American demographics and their supporters. Those feelings were made clear in toxic tweets toward police.
Take a look:

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