Why Atlanta's DJ Awesome Had His Wife Murdered

DJ Awesome, left, with Adrian Harley

The reports that DJ Awesome allegedly hired a hit man to murder his wife rocked the Atlanta music scene to its core.
Born Andre Pugh, DJ Awesome reportedly called police after he discovered his wife, Tiffany Pugh, after returning home on the night of Nov. 23.
The story that he thinks an intruder broke into their home and murdered his wife, however, began to unravel under suspicious police officers who quickly discerned inconsistencies in his version of events leading up to her death.
Pugh, known as one of the premiere DJs in Atlanta, had taken to his Facebook page, “Why did they take my wife?! My kids’ mom?! Where did I go wrong?”
Fox 5 Atlanta reported that DJ Awesome hired Adrian Harley to kill his wife soon after she notified hr husband that she was leaving him.
DJ Awesome and Harley were close affiliates as they both worked at an Atlanta strip club, Club Onyx.
DJ Awesome and Tiffany Pugh had been married for 11 years and had a son and daughter.
The two alleged accomlices have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit burglary.


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