Multiple NFL Players Want Ray Rice on Their Team

Many NFL stars from multiple teams said they would take exiled running back Ray Rice, the man who infamously punched his wife Jay unconscious in that New Jersey Casino elevator, him on their team in a heartbeat.
Rice, the excoriated ex-NFL player who has become the face of domestic violence in America, just won his appeal that enables him to return the game.
As one player told TMZ, “everyone deserves a second chance.”
Of course, none of the players identified themselves because Rice is considered toxic wasted right now and they don’t want to get hit with any cultural shrapnel that would come from publicly supporting the former Baltimore Ravens running back.
Right now, the players and executives from multiple teams are taking the societal temperature to see how signing Rice would go over.
“I know Ray and his wife. I believe they’ve forgiven each other,” one prominent player told us … adding, “I would accept him, and I think that my teammates would accept him.”
Another major NFL star told the entertainment blog, “I believe that everyone in life deserves a second chance.”
A third player — who played with Rice at one point in his career — says, “He seems very remorseful. As much as I am against domestic violence, I do believe in second chances. No more chances after that, though.”
What makes this story compelling is the fact that many playoff bound teams are starving for a healthy running back at this juncture of the season.
It will be interesting to see if any team is willing to take the heat for signing Rice.

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