Cop Shoots at Unarmed Black Man Holding His Daughter

We’ve seen this movie before — many, many times over. An unarmed Black man was shot at by a police officer.
An African American male, Brian Dennison, was shot at by police officer J.C. Garcia while he was holding 6-year-old in Jacksonville, Fla., according to News 4 Jax.
While driving home from a basketball game, Dennison said his daughter began having an asthma attack. An officer noticed that Dennison had a suspended license and tried to pull him over, but Dennison kept driving the half-mile to his apartment complex. He said he was attempting to save her life by getting her inhaler.
When Dennison reached his apartment, with the officer close in tow, the black man exited his vehicle with his hands up in an effort to relax the officer by showing that he was unarmed. He then grabbed his daughter and tried explain to the police officer that it was an emergency and his daughter needed help. The police officer said he thought Dennison had a small handgun and therefore grabbed his own firearm and fired a shot at Dennison.
Dennison nor his daughter was hit by the bullet, but he told the media that his daughter is still traumatized by the altercation.
After the shot was fired, the officer discovered that Dennison was unarmed.
Once the officer was convinced Dennison was unarmed, he was allowed to go in and retrieve the daughter’s inhaler. He was then arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license.
The news outlet said the shooting is under investigation.


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