Funniest Mama Joyce Memes for Attacking Kandi Burruss' Husband Todd

Mama Joyce has seemingly hated every man that her daughter, multiplatinum multimillionaire Kandi Burruss, has brought into her life. Todd Tucker is but the latest and the scene is playing out over the national airwaves.
Burruss’ mother has drawn the ire and outrage of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans nationwide, most whom have tired of Joyce’s endless bitterness, hatefulness and infantile antics just because her daughter allows it and enables it.
Tucker should take some comfort in the fact that Burruss’ previous fiance, the late Ashley Jewell, was subjected to the same treatment from Mama Joyce before he was killed in a fight outside a strip club several years ago.
One social media follower succinctly summarized what many are thinking when he said this about Mama Joyce:

Other fans believe this following tweet to be true, that Mama Joyce is living through her daughter, exploiting her daughter, is ungrateful and hates it when Burruss gets a lover because that means she will not be able to enjoy the fruits of her daughter’s labor alone.
Remember, during the season 6 reunion of RHOA, Burruss put her mother on blast (an absolute rarity) when she said Joyce opened up credit cards in Burruss’ name and was spending her daughter’s money without her permission.


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