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The Bahamas, the entire Caribbean and the religious community worldwide continue to reel from the shocking death of one of its most acclaimed servants of God when Dr. Myles Munroe was killed in a small plane crash in his home country along with his wife and nine others.
The pastor, doctor, bestselling author and motivational speaker, 60, was about to spearhead his Global Leadership Forum for Nov. 10-13 in his native Bahamas. The annual conference has continued under the specter of oppressive sadness when the plane crashed on approach near Grand Bahama International Airport Sunday, killing all on board.
Munroe’s wife Ruth, who served as co-senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship, also was among the victims. The two had been married for three decades. Senior vice president and pastor Richard Pinder also died in the crash.
A statement was posted to Munroe’s Facebook page Sunday.
“We would like to inform you that the Global Leadership Forum will continue,” the statement read. “This is what Dr. Munroe would have wanted. Please keep his family and the ministry in prayers.”
Munroe’s death was especially upsetting in his native Bahamas, and Prime Minister Perry G. Christie called the loss “utterly impossible to measure.”
“He was indisputably one of the most globally recognizable religious figures our nation has ever produced. His fame as an ambassador for the Christian ministry preceded him wherever in the world he traveled, whether in the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe or Africa. He was a towering force who earned the respect and admiration not only of Christian adherents but of secular leaders both here at home and around the world,” Christie said in a statement.
During his professional career, Munroe traveled to more than 100 countries and wrote dozens of books, many of them classics and bestsellers. His speeches addressed personal leadership, family structure, spiritual balance and principles.
Take a look at some of the best and most famous quotes attributed to fallen spiritual icon:
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