The Republican Party not only emerged with a decisive victory in mid-term elections, but two of its members celebrated making history in their own right.
Despite losing to Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson, by less than 800 votes — total in 2012, Utah’s Mia Love made her mark with Republicans this election year by being the first black Republican woman in Congress with winning a seat at the House of Representatives. Love is also the first ever Haitian-American ever in Congress..
In addition to Love, Tim Scott scored a victory of his own in South Carolina by defeating his Democratic challenger Joyce Dickerson to finish the rest of Senator Jim DeMint’s six-year term. Scott was already in the Senate after being appointed by governor Nikki Haley upon DeMint’s resignation in November 2012.
Although he has to run for re-election in 2016 to garner a full six-year term, Scott has already made history. His mid-term election victory marks the first time an African-American has been elected in the South to the Senate since Reconstruction and makes him the first-ever African-American to serve in both the House and Senate.