Slain Michael Brown's Family's Violent Fight in Ferguson over Peddling Memorabilia

michael brown mother
The family of slain teen Michael Brown were involved in a violent altercation that stemmed from the sale and profit of the boy’s likeness.
Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, made public pronouncements making it clear she vehemently disapproves of any profits made off of, or any political actions taken in the name of, her son’s death.
On Saturday, McSpadden reportedly ran upon her son’s grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, and his cousin, Tony Petty, who were allegedly peddling Michael Brown T-shirts in the parking lot of a BBQ eatery not far from where Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo, says Fox 2 News. 
McSpadden allegedly became irate and jumped out of a car and ordered the pair to stop their antics, stating, “You can’t sell this (expletive)!” McSpadden was then reportedly joined by another unidentified person who had been traveling with her.
Gordon and Petty demanded that McSpadden produce a document to prove that she had a patent that could stop them from peddling. A police report then states that McSpadden’s companion struck Petty in the face with a metal pipe of some sort.
Police were summoned to the familial fracas.
McSpadden’s companion then not allegedly snatched the unauthorized merchandise and took a total of about $1,400 that was kept in a box.
Meanwhile, Petty was taken to a nearby hospital by medics for treatment.
No arrests were reportedly made at the time of the incident; however, surveillance cameras more than likely captured the battle and could be used as police evidence.


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