Kanye West Doesn't Even Live With Kim Kardashian; Rarely Sees Her

The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West marriage is a public relations hoax, Kris Jenner’s new boy toy strongly insinuated in an exclusive interview with SandraRose.com.
Kanye West rarely, if ever, goes over to Kris Jenner’s house, where his wife Kim Kardashian still lives along their daughter Nori, as far as Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble can see. He’s obviously been there multiple times and has spent the night (no need for elaboration).
The subject was broached after a loyal reader of Sandra Rose’s exposed Gamble fib about his actual age. He had been telling folks he was in his 40s, but later admitted during the interview on SandraRose.com that he lied and that he’s actually in his early 30s — professing that he only did that to alleviate any embarrassment that would come to Kris Jenner, 60, for dating a man half her advanced age.
During the interview, however, Gamble stated that he noticed how little interaction or expressions of love there is between Kanye and Kardashian and that they only show affection for the cameras.
Check out how Gamble segued from Jenner to the Kardashian-Kanye marriage, even though he kept saying their marriage is none of his business:
SANDRA ROSE: Is she (Gamble’s mom) at least happy for you — that you’re happy?
COREY GAMBLE: No. She thinks Kris (Jenner) is an opportunist, and I told her well, let me stand corrected. I think Kris is a great woman. I know she has a bad reputation in the media, but she’s been loving to me. I’ve spent the night over there with Kris… and Kim um, Kanye is never there…”
SR: Wait a minute.. you said Kanye is never there with Kim? 
CG: “No. He um, he uh, has another house in the Los Angeles area. I think he’s recording. He’s not really there. I don’t know what kind of relationship they have going on, but he’s not ever there… Yeah, it’s um… I shouldn’t probably be talking about it, but it’s none of my business.”
SR: So they only get together to make public appearances?
CG: “Yeah, I’d say that [laughs]. He’s never at the house.” [Corey said the rest is off the record].
SR: Kim is still living with Kris?

CG: “Yeah, Kim lives with Kris. They are supposed to be buying a house down the street. Um, it’s not my business [laughs]. Yeah, they’re supposed to be buying a house, um, they’re supposed to be closing on it [more laughs]. I really don’t think Kim wants to leave Kris.”
To see the Sandra Rose exclusive interview with Gamble in its entirety, click here. 

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