Keyshia Cole’s New Music Video ‘Remember Part 2′ Features Her Son (Watch)

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Keyshia Cole has gone through a lot of downs in her relationships with men. But she is making it clear her life will go on in her new music video for “Remember Part 2.”
The video for the very personal song features her on the beach with the most important guy in her life — her son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.
She spends time at the beach to reflect her failed relationship and to get over the heartbreak. It clears the video is about her estranged relationship with her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson.
Cole revealed in the song they used to fuss and fight all the time while he tried to get her to believe he was the right one for her — calling out their bickering as not healthy.
Recently, Gibson said he tried to fix their marriage, and he was depressed when Cole and their son left him. But Cole basically said it was too late and she lacked sympathy for his claim.
“All the things you said, I gotta get you out my head — cause you’re tryin’ to make me believe that you’re the only one for me yeah,” she sang about Gibson.  “Something don’t seem right though — cause we argue all the time and we fuss and fight.”
She continued to sing about him cheating on her and how he had forgotten all things lovey dovey things he said to her — causing her to resent him.
“Like I said it don’t seem right. Things ain’t weighing out things ain’t addin’ up, baby,” she sang about her ex. “I don’t know if I even miss you; don’t wanna kiss you. How could you love somebody else, and everything just changing. I don’t even know if you remember all things you told me. ”

Her most personal song is featured on her new album, “The Point of No Return.” The album was released on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 — debuting in the top 10 (position number nine) on the Billboard 200.

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