Funniest Joseph Randle Memes After Dallas Cowboy Stole Underwear from Mall

It’s not often that the back up commands all the attention. But when you steal underwear and test cologne from a department store at the mall, that’s exactly what happens.
Dallas Cowboys 2nd string running back Joseph Randle was arrested in Frisco, Texas, a Dallas suburb for attempting to steal about $100 worth of Gucci cologne and underwear — despite the fact that he will earn more than $600,000 to mostly sitting on the sidelines for 16 weeks a year.
Well, you know that social media immediately began to feast on Randle for his boneheadedness and for adding to the Cowboys recent legacy of dysfunction, criminality and life-sapping mediocrity.
Take a look at some of the most hilarious memes mocking Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle.

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