Dr. M. Tina Dupree, president and CEO, Motivational Training Center
Never in a million years did Dr. M. Tina Dupree think that she would be paid to present speeches in front of audiences. Then, it happened.
“Many years ago, I did a speech for a small church in Delray Beach. After the speech a lady gave me a white envelope. I thought it was a thank you card,” Dupree recalls.
She went home, opened the envelope and discovered more than a note of gratitude.
“There was a check inside. That let me know that I just offered something of value that people would pay for,” she reveals.
As the founder of the Motivational Training Center (MTC), Dupree is in the business of delivering speeches, consultations, and workshops for corporate and civic clients. During her three decade career, she has earned up to $10,000 per speech and even consulted the Wal-Mart Foundation and was invited to the Oval Office by former President George W. Bush for a private discussion on education. In 1992, she launched the Professional Speakers Network to help aspiring speakers tap into the multi-billion dollar professional speaking industry. She takes pride in helping people, “turn their passion into a paycheck.”
“I just teach people how to get paid from their passion. It’s already inside of them. I just teach them how to structure it and operate it as a business,” she says. “Before anybody goes out there speaking, they really should get the necessary training and understand the business.”
Dupree advises prospective speakers to identify their target market and their value proposition.
“Speakers do not get hired because they can deliver a nice speech. Clients book speakers that deliver value. It is critical that speakers deliver something people will pay for,” she asserts. “If you want to succeed in this business you must leave your clients with something tangible.”
Dupree says some of your value as a speaker comes from your professional and business experiences and successes. You then convert that experience into a presentation that helps encourage your audience to either replicate your success or achieve their goals. She says professional speakers generally have multiple streams of income including:
Speaking/Presenting: “The difference between public and professional speakers is that professionals get paid to speak. Professional speakers are actively selling and marketing their services. They also deliver speeches and presentations that cater to their client’s objectives and goals. Contrary to popular opinion, clients don’t hire speakers to necessarily make their audience feel good. There is typically a call to action to add value to the company.”
Compensation: $1500 per speech for entry-level professionals. Speakers can increase their fees by 25-percent as they secure more requests.
Author: “I recommend all professionals and speakers write a book to validate their credibility. This provides clients with a document that explains your expertise, systems, and guidance. One of the greatest benefits of writing a book is that it can become a source of passive revenue and makes you an authority on a topic.”
Starting Compensation: Compensation varies on whether aspiring authors pursue self-publishing or going with a publisher. An author can gain leverage depending on the topic and author’s popularity.
Consulting: “A consultant gives you guidance on how to get something done. All experienced professionals can be consultants because you have learned and earned expertise in a certain area. Once you get to a place where you can help clients can replicate . success then you can offer your consulting services. People depend on your experience and knowledge of best practices to success in a particular area. ”
Starting Compensation: you can use your current hourly salary as a benchmark.
Dr. M “Tina” Dupree known as the Chicken Lady is a professional speaker and author of Hot Tips on Public Speaking. Log on to www.MotivationalTrainingCenter.com.