White Mom Says Black Son Killed by Utah Police Because of Race

Susan Hunt is consoled by her sister, Cindy Moss, after Utah police shot and killed her son, Darrien Hunt
Law officials are faced with the task of justifying the fatal shooting of yet another black man by their officers.
This time, the shooting occurred in Utah, where a 22-year-old African American man is gunned down by officers in Saratoga Springs because they allege he “lunged toward the officers with a sword.”
But Susan Hunt, the mother of Darrien Hunt, finds this hard to believe. She says her son was carrying a toy sword with a rounded edge, not a blade, that he had purchased as a souvenir at an Asisan store when he was killed. She criticized the police department saying she believes the outcome would have been different if he had not been black.
Now, as this family prepares the burial of their beloved, they want answers. They want details on how a young man they said was running away from officers, ended up dead from their gunshots last Wednesday.
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