Funniest Memes of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Regarding Ray Rice

To say that Roger Goodell’s tenure as NFL Commissioner is in peril is an understatement. He has been ducking and fumbling for the past 48 hours after being pelted with a torrential downpour of criticism from the media, the general populace and even Congress for the dubious handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence debacle.
Conflicting reports are flooding the airwaves, literally causing brain overload, about whether or not the NFL saw the video of Rice delivering the left hook felt around the world prior to handing down the featherweight sanctions ( two games) on the ex-Baltimore Ravens running back.
Several sources, including the now defunct casino and an anonymous law enforcement source, said the NFL either were given a copy of the nuclear hot videotape of the beating or that they could have easily attained it if they had just asked for it.
Now congressmen are joining the media chorus calling for “transparency” and a former FBI director is going to conduct an independent investigation in order to unveil what the NFL knew and when they knew it.
Many media members as well as women’s groups are calling for Goodell’s immediate resignation in light of the greatest scandal in the commissioner’s tenure.
To top it all off, social media has Goodell in its jaws and are clamping down on the commish with hilarious memes mocking him for the comedy of errors that include changing the light suspension the indefinite suspension/ban from the NFL.
Take a look:

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