Most Powerful Responses to #WhyIStayed Hashtag in light of Ray Rice Scandal

There is one redeemable aspect to the horrid Ray Rice/NFL video scandal showing the exiled football player violently slugging his wife and knocking her unconscious. The organically-grown national conversation on the victims of domestic violence, through the hashtag #WhyIStayed, is perhaps the best manifestation of that as it brought the issue of relationship violence back to the forefront of the national consciousness.
Domestic abuse is hardly an aberration or an isolated incident with Rice and his wife Jonay. Scores of women and men took to social media in droves to pour out the contents of their souls with powerful, poignant and tear-jerking stories in response to why they stayed in relationships brimming with physical, sexual and mental abuse so severe that their lives were in danger — and some lives were taken — when they could have gotten out.
Those who have never been in such a predicament may be unable to empathize with the victims who shared their stories on Twitter. Many, however, were able to throw figurative arms around one another through the connective tissue that is social media.
Take a look at the most powerful responses to the hashtag #WhyIStayed. You will be moved.
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