Columbus Short Destroys 'Stomp the Yard' Co-Star Darrin Henson in Twitter Beef

darrin columbus
Stomp the Yard antagonist Darrin Henson apparently has harbored great resentment playing the bad guy in the hit flick for the past seven years. All of that pent up rage came pouring out of Henson as he tried to fire shots, ambush style, at the star of the film and fellow dancer/actor Columbus Short.
Wrong move.
Short, the protagonist of the urban classic film, danced circles around fellow choreographer Henson on social media. Henson ended up ducking for cover after being pummeled under the fusillade of return fire from Short and his fans on Twitter.
It was a bloodbath that turned sad. The beating was so bad that Henson, who started the Twitter beef, ended up blocking Short and his fans after they went in hard on Henson for exemplifying adolescent and infantile behavior. Henson clearly exposed his jealousy of the much more successful Short, who used to star in the Kerry Washington-led “Scandal” blockbuster TV series before landing in some legal trouble.
You might want to cover your eyes as Henson goes in on Short only to retreat faster than  a Michael Jackson Moonwalk.
short henson
Pow!!! And it only got worse for Henson from here. Take a look at the contentious exchange between the two actors before Henson decides to tap out.

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