What Really Ended Nick Cannon's and Mariah Carey's Marriage

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Surprise: it was Nick Cannon who walked out on the marriage to Mariah Carey, not the other way around.
But then again, is anyone surprised that Cannon walked away from Carey because she is a reported head case and narcissistic diva?
The “Who Got Talent?” host has made it unequivocally clear to the people closest to him: not only did Cannon, 33, leave the marriage, he is deeply concerned about Carey’s emotional state and has terminated the union for the well being of their kids.
The actor believes the environment surrounding Carey, 44, is very “toxic” and and believes the children are already exemplifying symptoms of emotional weariness living with Carey.
Cannon hinted that he wants primary custody of their children, where they would be in a nurturing and non-chaotic environment that’s more conducive for proper and normal upbringing.
As Atlanta Daily World reported before, Carey and Cannon’s six-year marriage went into an even further downward spiral after Cannon imprudently went on the radio and named many of his sex partners before he married Carey. The most humiliating part of that ordeal, in Carey’s opinion, happened when Cannon mentioned Kim Kardashian, the empty-headed socialite whom most in entertainment view as little more than locker-room slut with a pretty face and protruding posterior.
Also, Carey reportedly went into a volcanic rage when Cannon went on another radio station, “The Howard Stern Show,” and divulged the fact that Carey refused to “give it up” until they got married, TMZ reported. Afterwards, Cannon tried to mop up the mess he helped create but that, coupled with the other marriage woes, proved to be an insurmountable faux pas.
Moving forward with the plans to reenter the realm of bachelorhood, Cannon is deeply concerned about his soon-to-be ex-wife’s deteriorating mental stability, which seems to partially emanates from the vultures (assistants) she has orbiting her her universe who care little for Carey, except to make money off of her and maintain their way of life.
The Daily Mail reported that Cannon was not so much muzzled by Carey during the divorce proceedings; he chose to take the high road in the negotiation and settlement talks as to avoid exacerbating an already turbulent situation for the two.

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