NFL Player Was Sent Genitals Photos From Husband of Wife He Hit On

terrance west2
Browns Rookie Running Back Terrance West was trolling photos on Instagram, canvassing the social media site in hopes of a quick hook up, when he happened a beautiful woman who happened to be married.
The husband of West’s desires did not take too kindly to the sexual overtures West was making and sent him obsene photos of his package to his cell phone.
How did the husband know the rookie tailback’s phone number? Well, West gave it to the woman hoping she would take the bait.
He makes the mistake of actually putting his phone number in one of the comments hoping to get the woman to call or text her.
West got an eyeful in return, alright, but it didn’t come from the woman. The husband decided to take West’s number and send him photos of his penis. The husband also had his buddies do the same thing to West.
In response, an outraged West blocked everyone and put his IG page on private.
And there is one more juicy twist to this twisted tale. West has a girlfriend — or had one before this Instragram implosion embarrassed West something awful. West’s girlfriend left him, according to
The situation is exacerbated by the fact that they both have tattoos of each other scrawled across each other’s torsos.


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