Two Police Officers Murder Unarmed Black Teen for Dating Their White Daughter

shannon and gina kepler
A pair of police officers who are married murdered an unarmed black man without provocation because he was dating their daughter.
Shannon Kepler, 54, and Gina Kepler, 48, of Oklahoma City, Okla. are charged with first-degree murder for the inexplicable and inexcusable shooting death of Jeremy Lake, 19, as the young lovebirds walked over meet the girl’s parents before they opened fire on the teen boy.
According to KWTV, the senseless tragedy began when Lisa Kepler, 18, was kicked out of her parent’s home due to rampant behavioral issues. The rebellious daughter was dropped off at a homeless shelter in an attempt by her parents to give her a reality check.
But what took place next was not was the 24-year Tulsa Police Department veterans had intended. While getting oriented to homeless life, Lisa Kepler met Lake, a volunteer at the shelter. A friendship ensued and sexual attraction blossomed to the p0int where Lake brought Lisa Kepler into his home and provided her with food and a place to stay.
Their interracial romance was in full swing.
Last week, the two young lovers were walking near his home when Lisa spotted her parent’s SUV. Lisa Kepler and Lake decided to go over to the car and it was there that Lake introduced himself as Lisa’s boyfriend to Shannon and Gina Kepler.
According to the media report, at this point Shannon Kepler pulled out his gun and shot and killed Jeremy.
Lisa Kepler, horrified and dumbfounded, raced from the scene.
Shannon and Gina Kepler were soon arrested and charged with first-degree murder.
The only catch is that authorities are still searching for the murder weapon and the SUV the parents were riding in.

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