Kandi Burruss, Stephen A. Smith Power Relationship Panel at Neighborhood Awards Expo

Words and Images by Courtney Teague

Dr. Laura Berman, left, with Kandi Burruss

ATLANTA — Thousands attended the “Would You Date You” seminar at Steve Harvey’s Ford Neighborhood Awards Expo that featured “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and entrepreneur Kandi Burruss, sex expert Dr. Laura Berman and television sports reporter Stephen A. Smith.
Smith, the co-host of ESPN’s popular daily debate show “First Take,” opened the seminar reiterating an apology he already made over his controversial Ray Rice domestic abuse commentary — in which he admonished women not to provoke men to strike them — that resulted in a week-long suspension from the sports network. He also made it clear to the audience that he was raised by five women and will never condone domestic violence.
Moving to the purpose of the session he then asked the ladies, “Would You Date You”? He did not know he was opening the door to candid conversations.
ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith

Burruss said she would not date herself because she is on her grind. She also said she would not date a woman on a reality show because it is a constant struggle. In contrast to Kandi’s beliefs, Dr. Berman said she would date herself because she has become the woman she should be, despite all.
On the other hand, Berman said that men found her to be intimidating by her sexual being and profession. Some men are just not secure.
Berman said that men want regular sex with a woman that makes them feel needed. In response, the outspoken Smith said, “Give a man what he wants and he will learn to need you!”
The audience filled with women responded in disagreement with “aww no” and “boos.”
There was no moment where the audience was left disengaged. Wrapping up the session, the panel took questions from the audience such as how to handle an alpha woman to remaining friends with exes, old flings, and the opposite sex. Berman believes it is not possible for heterosexuals to be friends with the opposite sex. Buruss’ perspective differed and she said that she is friends with her ex-flings and sometimes look at them like a past mistakes. The session was one of the most sought after sessions during the Neighborhood Awards.
Take a look at the photographic highlights from the event.


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