Phoenix Group Companies Completes More Than $127 Million in Detroit Development and Construction

Founded in 1993, Phoenix Group Companies has completed more than $127 million in affordable housing development and construction projects in and around Detroit. Focused on redeveloping urban communities through new residential construction and the rehabilitation of existing the housing stock, the company was founded by Melvin Washington, an urban developer who has an abiding passion for rebuilding Detroit.
I have worked to rebuild urban centers my entire career,” said Melvin Washington, founder, president & CEO of Phoenix Group Companies. “Many of them, like Detroit, has had ups and downs throughout the years, but I see the potential. I see the possibilities to build neighborhoods and forever change the landscape of this great city for the good.
Washington’s company develops and constructs multi-family residential units, provides a full line of residential construction services and serves the needs of clients by providing consultation services centered on community redevelopment. Projects in the Phoenix Group Companies portfolio include:

  • Boston Edison Homes
  • Comstock*
  • Core City Estates Phase I
  • Core City Estates Phase II
  • Core City West Village
  • Edmunds Carr*
  • Former Detroit 8th Precinct
  • Friendship Meadows I
  • Friendship Meadows II
  • Grey Street*
  • Heritage Park
  • Jefferson Meadows
  • Kercheval Townhomes
  • Meadows of Honor
  • Mildred Smith I
  • Mildred Smith II
  • Morningside*
  • National Theater
  • New Far Eastside
  • Northland Homes
  • Oak Pointe Condos
  • Pablo Davis*
  • Petoskey Park
  • Pilgrim Meadows
  • Pilgrim Village
  • PUAD
  • Riverside Apartments
  • Stone Lake Estates
  • Stone Lake Manor
  • University Meadows
  • Virginia Park Estates
  • Virginia Park Meadows
  • West Manor
  • West Pointe*
  • Whittier Manor
  • Whittier Towers

Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the Phoenix Group Companies is located at 4150 Grand River. For more information, call (313) 831-2855.
*General Contractor Only


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