Danny Glover thriller 'Supremacy' highlights Pan African Film Festival 2014 Opening Night (Photos)

Esteemed veteran actor Danny Glover surrounded by a mob of reporters at the start of the Pan African Film Festival 2014 in Atlanta.

Actor, producer and humanitarian Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon franchise, The Color Purple, Death at a Funeral) was the star of the opening night of the 2014 Pan African Film Festival in Atlanta.
Glover was on hand at the Plaza Theater in Midtown Atlanta — where the balance of the PAFF will be held — along with director Deon Taylor to promote the movie based on a true story about a recently-paroled white supremacist who, along with his ruthless girlfriend, killed a cop and then held an African American family hostage in their own home.
Taylor is most recently known for his work on the 2010 indie horror/thriller titled Chain Letter. Taylor said he took over the helm of this indie project for the opportunity to continue the discourse about racial animus in America.
“This film talks about racism, which we don’t talk about enough. I think it’s still a little taboo to talk about racism in this country, like Trayvon Martin and the Donald Sterling situation. This movie opens up to a different situation. So when I had the opportunity to do a film like this and kind of expose racism in a different way, I wanted to jump at the opportunity. I had to do it independently because no one would get behind it at the (major) studios.”
Glover believes that the film, which followed loosely on actual events, is reflective of the cowardice of white supremacy that manifest itself in the new millennium.
“I think the dynamics of racism are changing. You have a lot of underground stuff. It shows itself through the Tea Party. But it also shows itself in other ways,” he said.
Glover, Taylor and some of the cast members watched the film and hosted a question and answer session with the audience.
More than 40 films will be hosted at the Plaza Theater and there will be a host of panel discussions discussing the business of movie making and tips on how to break into Hollywood as an actor and filmmaker.
Take a look at some of the photos from opening night of the PAFF2014.

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