Barbers, Natural Hair Shine at Bronner Bros. Hair Show 2014

The Bronner Brothers waxed poetically about a recent trip to visit their ancestral homeland in three African countries, and the startling sight of seeing almost all West African women there sporting weaves.IMG_8735
Nathaniel Bronner, in particular, regaled the assembling media about how that fact took him and his brothers aback, and compared that to the growing trend of American Black women who are flossing natural hair with greater regularity these days, causing a major paradigm shift in the domestic haircare and beauty industries to keep up with that demand.
Indeed, while weaves retains its popularity in the United States, there is a large subsection of black women have temporarily gone with their God-given hair or sworn off weaves entirely.
Another trend is the greater spotlight that is being cast on barbers and male “hair technicians” at the 67th Bronner Bros. International Hhair Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Moreover, we noticed the willingness of more men to use their heads as canvasses for works of art. IMG_8835
And, of course, event those sporting natural hair at the Bronner Bros. Hair Show did so in the most colorful, awe-inspiring and/or craziest ways. Take a look.


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