ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Suspended for Saying Women Provoke Domestic Violence

stephen a. smith
Once Stephen A. Smith’s mouth is revved up in fifth gear, it’s almost impossible to shut off the rushing torrent of vowels and consonants.
Looks like ESPN had to shut his mouth for him.
ESPN has suspended the “First Take” and ESPN radio show host, resultant from the extremely inflammatory comments he made about women and domestic violence last week.
The mammoth sports network said Smith will not appear on his show “First Take” or on ESPN Radio until next Wednesday.
Sports fans recall that during a discussion about Ray Rice’s suspension, Stephen A. said he would tell women to make sure they’re not doing anything “to provoke wrong actions” in addition to telling men repeatedly it was wrong.
The intense fallout from his words were immediate and relentless. He was blasted by a number of female journalists across the country, most notably fellow EPSN anchor Michelle Beadle.
After defiantly defending his stance and his words in a series of Twitter posts, Smith finally capitulated to the intense blowback and offered a mea culpa, first on social media and then Monday morning on the popular “First Take” he shares with Skip Bayles.
ESPN had released a statement in conjunction with that apology, including “We will continue to have constructive dialogue on this important topic. Stephen’s comments last Friday do not reflect our company’s point of view.”
“As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation of our company values.”

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