Celebrities react to LeBron James going back to Cleveland

lebron james cleveland
You know you’re a transcendent star when the moves you make causes quakes within other industries, including the genres of business and entertainment.
It’s been reported that when LeBron James was with the Cleveland Cavaliers the first time, his impact in the financial realm of the city was worth upwards of $250 million a year.
King James impact in Hollywood is just as great. Actors and musicians love to hang around James, be seen with kicking it with him and sit courtside when his teams (The Cavs and Heat) came to town.
Celebrities, including on of the most famous college quarterbacks of all time (who, coincidentally, got drafted by the sister franchise, the Cleveland Browns) also weighed in on the seismic decision that LeBron James made to return to his hometown roots of Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland Cavs.
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