Nigeria: 90 More Kids Kidnapped as Nation Forgets 'Bring Back Our Girls'

bbog2As the days and weeks have passed, the populous support and celebrity concern for the hundreds of kidnapped girls of Nigeria has greatly dissipated. Actually, it’s pretty much vanished. Because the nation and world no longer hear the cries of the wrongfully imprisoned youth, Nigeria’s militant group Boko Haram felt emboldened to kidnap dozens more girls — and even boys — this past weekend.
Sixty more girls and 31 boys were taken away in the town of Kummabza in Nigeria, during which 30 people were killed during the violent siege. Earlier this month, 20 girls were kidnapped by the group in Garkin Fulani, the New York Times reports.
The kidnapping of 200 girls engendered international attention back in April. Big-name Celebrities, politicians — to include the likes of first lady Michelle Obama — rallied behind the slogan “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign in order to bring worldwide pressure to Nigerian government to take some type of action against Boko Haram.bbog
Unfortunately, little to no action has been taken by the seemingly impotent Nigerian government and the world has returned to their regularly scheduled lives. The hundreds of traumatized kidnapped girls have all but been forgotten about even though they are still being held hostage. Neither their story, their plight, nor their well being is inspiring blaring headlines anymore.
As the world’s attention gets hijacked by the World Cup and, incredulously, by the mugshot of a so-called “beautiful” blue-eyed felon (Jeremy Meeks) in Northern California, hundreds of girls continue to languish in a veritable prison camp with no real sign of help. Or concern.

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