Jeremy Meeks Family Photos Shows Softer Side

jm and brother
Jeremy Meeks, right, and his younger brother Bryan Varela

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot, as you know by now, has taken the country by storm and shocked members of the California legal community who are seeking to bury him under the prison for his alleged gang ties and illegal possession of firearms as a convicted felon.
Meeks’ family has circled the wagons around him and are outraged by how social media may negatively impact his chances for a fair prosecution and trial. Prosecutors lust after these types of opportunities to take down someone big or famous and, the family fears, will often circumvent the law to try to win the case. History bears this out.
Meeks with his son.

The patriarch has taken aggressive steps to counter the portrait painted by prosecutors of her son as a drug kingpin. She has posted photos in an attempt to show Meeks’ softer side and promote images of her son as a rehabilitated career criminal who is now a devoted family man.
Take a look at many of the new photos of Jeremy Meeks.

¬†Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, in between her sons.¬†

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