This was not exactly Mississippi Burning, but it’s got to give you chills to know that someone placed in a powerful position, designed to protect all citizens, feels this way about black people.

A Georgia police chief resigned last week after being suspended after sending racist text messages filled with racial animus to his officers.

On Friday, Grantville Mayor Jim Sells announced that Police Chief Doug Jordan had been suspended for seven days, but did not explain why.  The city council was expected to take up the case during a closed meeting on Monday. Jordan save the city time and troubled by tendering his resignation before the city could meet, avoiding an investigation.

Grantville is a small rural town approximately an hour southeast of Atlanta, halfway been the ATL and Columbus.

The Times-Herald reported on Monday that the resignation had been connected to text messages sent Jordan sent to officers, which included the N-word.

“When we approached the chief in regards to these allegations, he did not deny them and accepted some culpability,” Sells explained. “Following this revelation, he was immediately placed on suspension.”

Jordan’s resignation letter thanked city employees, who he said were “like family to me.”

Once councilman is indignant that the racist police chief was allowed to resign without a formal inquiry into his behavior. Councilman Johnny Cooks this is part of a bad pattern that’s been going on going in the city that helps rules- and lawbreakers avoid investigations, infamy and penalties.

“We’ve had more than our fair share of unethical behavior in this town. But they allow people to keep resigning, which means that investigations never happen,” Cooks said. “So, if someone breaks the law, and then decides to just ‘move on’, that’s okay? We keep allowing these men to resign and it then it doesn’t go on their record so as a result, it’s a perpetual cycle.”

Cooks was also disturbed by the fact only one officer came forward to report that Jordan had used racist language in his text messages.

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